Friday, April 5, 2013

Which Pill Did You Take?


While this blog speaks specifically to one scene in one movie - the concept is the same throughout entertainment including books, movies, TV shows, songs, plays - whatever.

Nothing is a random act of selection.  Everything in a storyline, even many background items including cars, buildings, people, are all selectively chosen to play a specific part in the story.  Some things an homage, some things are put in by production members for most if not all of their productions.


It is well known that George Lucas, in an homage to his first movie THX-1138, makes reference to THX-1138 in many (if not all) of his movies.  Most people don't catch it.

  • In the 1973 film American Graffiti, the license plate of the yellow hot rod driven by Paul le Mat is "THX 1138"
  • In Star Wars Episode IV, a STormtrooper is referred to by callsign "THX 1138"
  • In Star Wars Episode IV, the cell block from which is is transferring Chewbacca is "1138"
  • The sound certification system, which originated in 1982, is THX although it's specification title is argued to be a reference either to 1973 movie as well as to the systems originator, sound engineer Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment.  But the fact that it spun off from LucasFIlm Ltd, at which Holman worked at the time cannot be a coincidence.
Arnold Swarzenegger in almost every single movie says the line "I'll be back."  In later years variations of it have been used - even to the point of homage and self parody.

Most of the references work into the story line pretty well.  Some of them hit you out of left field.  When you see one of those scenes you are left wondering - What the hell was that stuffed guerilla  doing in that scene from Working Girl when Sigourney Weaver returns from vacation?  Until you understand that SIgourney Weaver's previous film was Gorillas in the Mist - both released in 1988 and so the one was an homage to the other.  Possibly a further reference, but I just don't have time to research it now - I think my point is made.

So how many of you caught that in that famous scene in which Neo is given a choice, his choice consists of two pills - a red pill and a blue pill - the importance of those two pills and their colors?

You see, if you select the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. You take the blue pill, the story ends you wake up n your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  And all Morpheous is offering (with the Red pill) is the truth.

So red, see the truth with all it's difficulties, horrors, and strife.  Blue, blissful ignorance, a fake life of protection and care by "the machine" which gives your life no more regard than a crop of vegetables.  In fact - that is exactly what you are to the machine.  Food.  A source from which it feeds and continues to grow.  It will dispose of you like you dispose of yesterday's half eaten sandwich.

Any color could have been chosen why those two?  Those two colors specifically were selected.  I say - it is because those two colors define very distinct different views of the world within our own nation, two separate nearly completely polar opposite political parties in which:

The Red, Republicans, with a belief system which teaches self reliance and all the hardships that come with it.  But also with those hardships come great rewards, and freedoms.  Where nothing is given to you - everything is earned.  Where your greatest value to others based on your participation, accomplishments, achievements and your struggle for self improvement - which are all seen as benefits to society.  Where although society depends on each of us to do our part - no one lives an entire life by being a slave to the all controlling machine.

The Blue, Democrats, with a belief system of reliance on the government, a system in which you provide nothing to the community as it is all a false scenario.  There is no fault, because you do absolutely nothing.  A society in which the machine is suppose to provide you everything you need to survive, but nothing you need to grow and excel.  A belief system in which all are blind to the reality of what is happening, to the basic realities of life,  and all are blissfully ignorant  of their slavery to the machine which will end their life as soon as their usefulness to the machine, not society, is expended.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Democratic True Colors

When George Bush was in office, the Democratic party spouted from the highest buildings that what we needed was discourse, to listen to the voice of both parties, of all the people and to make sound decisions.

Now, the Democratic party wants silence. Bob Beckel said it best today on Fox News in a discussion about socializing health care. He stated that the Republicans have done everything to block the bill bringing nothing to the table. His opponent corrected him stating that the Republicans are all for Health Care Reform, but using a different approach - Beckel quickly jumped in and, using the standard left-wing debate tactic of talking over his opponent stated that - we shouldn't give any air time to the Republican point of view.

There it is - the true colors of the Democratic party. Now sit down, shut up and swallow it - your medicine that is.

The difference between the left and the right - in a nutshell

Pres Bush: Unless we do something soon, by 2042 the system (medicare, medicaid and Social Security) will be completely broke.
Dems: Boo! No!
Speaker Pelosi in the following days: Silence
Bush: What's great about our country is that people have the right to disagree with the president, and many have.

Pelosi: The CIA Lies!
White House: Fox News Lies!
Pres Obama: My plan will not cover illegals.
Joe Wilson: You Lie! ... I'm sorry.
Dems: We do not accept your apology for this OUTRAGE! And if you don't apologize you will be punished!
Pelosi: Wilson must apologize!
Wilson: I'm Sorry.
Dems: We do not accept your apology for this OUTRAGE!
Pelosi: Wilson must apologize!
Wilson: I will not apologize again.
Pelosi. See how Republicans are? He refuses to apologize.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The 4th Estate Has Become the 5th Column

For months many have been talking about what I coined as the "lame-stream media", historically referred to as the 4th estate.

The 4th estate refers to the media as the watch-dog of the government, the industry earned and deserved the term - that is until this latest generation in which the 4th estate has become our nation's 5th column. It is this latest generation of reporters who either distort our out-right lie about the news in order to change the views of the citizens of this nation in such a way as to push their own political agenda.

Consider if you will the falsehoods and flat out lies reported by Dan Rather regarding our previous President George Bush. It was later proven that Dan was indeed knowledgeable of the whole fiasco yet allowed his staff to take the blame. Certainly there was enough to be anger with President Bush about without having to create new issues out of the vapors.

In the latest rounds, the media has remained silent regarding so many questions surrounding our current president as to make even those completely bereft of any real political knowledge to ask what the hell is going on in the news rooms across America? With all that is going on, and the media's failure to report it - journalists are flabbergasted at their failing viewership unable to understand why people are turning in droves to alternative sources of information and news.

In recent months we have seen a complete failure of the so-called 4th estate to discuss any issue of concern regarding the current presidency. I cannot remember any time in my life in which the media was quite literally so in bed with a political party. Even the Van Jones fiasco wasn't reported by any of the lame-stream media until after his resignation.

Today, on CNN Rick Sanchez lead with a teaser on the ACORN scandal in which a young man and woman took it upon themselves to walk into ACORN offices across America claiming to be a pimp and prostitute seeking assistance in establishing their business of bringing into the country, young girls between the ages of 13-15 for the purposes of prostitution (child molestation) and at every turn - ACORN employees were there willing to help.


But instead of calling for a federal investigation of the organization to which our President is supposedly closely tied - Rick's voice-over on the teaser asked the question: "Despicable acts by a few, a well financed targeted conspiracy or both?". Rick fails to consider the other obvious option (d), "an organization which is rotted from the roots to the leaves". It would be akin, and as irresponsible as rolling film on the KKK with a voice over asking ... "Despicable acts by a few, a well financed targeted conspiracy or both?" and failing to consider that the organization itself had to be put out of our misery.

ACORN's response that they were simply playing along holds about as much water and believability as a well worn piece of cheesecloth. When someone walks up to you and admits to committing a federal crime then asks for your support - you do one thing. You notify the authorities immediately and let the cops sort it out. Period.

Is there any thinking person left in this country who doesn't want a federal investigation of this agency? Is there any thinking person who doesn't believe that the media industry is become a mere shadow of what it once was, a joke, an embarrassment to the likes of Edward R. Murrow and other journalistic giants?

It the immortal words and the unforgettable voice of Walter Kronkite- "And that's the way it is: Thursday, September 17, 2009"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not the change I voted for! How about you?

For, the past eight years many Americans have been pretty frustrated with the Administration. We have heard everything from extremist conspiracy nut-jobs spouting theories about how the twin towers of New York city were actually demolished using explosives and remote control planes at the order of George Bush, to chants of "Bush lied, kids died".

We watched as the likes of Cindy Sheehan protested the war (or rather the death of her son) by camping outside the former President's residence for an inordinate amount of time (didn't she have any responsibilities in the world?).

We listened as the Democratic Party railed against the Republican Party - all the while screaming (literally) that dissent WAS patriotic.

We argued important topics with our friends, family and co-workers - sometimes heatedly - but mostly to come to a better understanding of the times. Unfortunately, many of us were so entrenched in our political belief system that we were unable to do or say anything which would support any conclusion other than that spoon fed to us by our party leaders. Sure, there were a few who tried a crazy little thing called logic and reason - but for the most part people simply refused to think on their own. We called this - progress. Worse, many believed that it was a healthy approach. It wasn't. Instead of finding common ground - we split further and further apart simply for the sake of toting the party line.

As it all came to a close during the last year - we watched as the Democratic Party came into power. Many of us forecasted it long before it happened. It simply was their time. The only question was which party member would turn out to be the winner. Would it be the first woman President, or the first African-American President? More importantly - why did that matter? How about electing the most qualified? In the end, we believed that we had.

This is our country - where everyone has the right to speak, and to voice their opinion. During the previous eight years, the Republican Party responded - for the most part - with dignity and a willingness to accept that while everyone may not agree with them, it was certainly the right of the people to voice our dissent, and further that it a Constitutionally guaranteed right. We The People, exercised our rights and we voted for change that we could believe in.

Well, it was a catchy phrase and like most Americans I fell hook line and sinker for another lying politician. I was drawn in by his oratory skills and his charisma. I stand before you to say that the longer this guy stays in office, the more desperately we need him out.

This same man, who last year organized us, and told us

"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," (1) (2)

now has an entire cabinet that now states that any form of organization is at the behest of big business; that arguing is un-American and that dissent must be reported to the office of the White House.

How many more examples of pure unfettered pressure tactics does one need before we finally come to the conclusion that our current President is not only completely out of touch, but also is completely out of control?

For weeks we have stood idly by while the Speaker of the House has insulted dissenters. She has used inflammatory language and flat out lies if not intentional innuendo to infer that those who are speaking out against the President are supporters of the Nazi Party. In fact, she stated that it is inappropriate to be carrying swastikas to town hall meetings inferring support for the Nazi belief system. In fact, the swastika she is referring to was a swastika inside an "international no" sign. For those without imagination that would be a swastika, surrounded by a red circle with a red line through it. So either the Speaker of the House was intentionally lying about the situation - or she was saying that she is opposed to those who are opposed to Nazi belief systems. Did you follow that? The short version: either she lied, or she supports Nazi beliefs. Now obviously I don't believe that she supports the Nazi Party - so I am left with only one conclusion - she obviously lied about the situation in an effort to anger the public and to force the dissenters into silence. It's no surprise - on close scrutiny this is the approach that the left has taken for nearly 20 years now.

Listen, there is a HUGE difference between you and I arguing over a position, and the government stepping in to support one of us in that argument. One is debate - the other is nothing short of dangerous, and here is why.

The government has no right to suppress either of us. Once the government decides to support one of us, they automatically begin to suppress the other. So it's one thing for Bill O'Reilly and Chris Matthews to go back and forth on an issue - that's democracy in action. It's another ENTIRELY different issue for an elected official (at ANY LEVEL) to suppress the speech of a citizen.

Well, the time is coming when the American people must put an end to this insanity. We do have options here, and those options are not limited to simply going to town hall meetings and being told by YOUR non-representing Representatives to shut up. No, you can demand that these people be removed from office. It's time to remove these idiots before they do any more harm.

- We now have over 30 Czars! Presidential appointees who are not vetted by Congress, who are paid with your tax dollars and who are answerable to no-one!
- We have a socialized auto industry (remember Volkswagen?)
- The administration is trying to socialize medicine, but are refusing to participate in the program themselves
- The administration has called for you to turn in your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who disagree with his position.
- After publicly berating auto-industry executives for their use of corporate jets, Congress ordered their own corporate jets to the tune of hundreds of millions hoping we wouldn't see
- The administration constantly insults us calling us insubordinate, thugs, disrupters, tea-baggers, children, gripers and complainers, and Un-American.
- And now, as if President Clinton's push for low income housing loans wasn't bad enough, we failed to learn from that and are now pushing Cash for Clunkers. Get ready for people who can't pay their car loans in a couple years. Not to mention malware which takes over your computer.
- And this final insult, the Democratic Party is organizing groups to attend town hall meetings with the sole purpose of silencing anyone who dissents from the current administrations views.

Meanwhile we still have everything President Obama promised to put an end to by July. We still have:

- Gitmo
- Troops in Iraq
- Warrant-less Wiretaps
- An opaque (vice transparent) government
- A government rushing bills through, instead of considering them logically and allowing the public to read them before being voted on

How long must the Barrackracy continue before we finally learn just how dangerous the tri-fecta Obama, Reid and Pelosi are for America?

How much worse must it get before we demand that they go? These people work for us - We The People. They have forgotten that.

And before you all simply dismiss this as the ramblings of a conservative (which I am not) - remember that one day the Republicans will be in control again. It is inevitable in a two party state. As much as everyone wishes their party would remain in power for ever it simply won't happen. Will you be as willing to accept what Obama, Reid and Pelosi have already established as governmental power when the Republicans are back in office?

Do you really want a Republican administration who has their finger in the medical insurance pie? Or the automotive pie? Or any business interest for that matter?

Do you want a Republican Speaker of the House who, rather then allowing a vote come to the floor - orders the lights be turned off and the capitol police clear the floor?

Do you really want Republican administration staff set up to record the names and particular information of anyone who disagrees with them?

Do you want all the power Obama and the Democratic Congress is amassing in the hands of the say President Sarah Palin and Speaker of the House John Boeher the next time Republicans are in office?

If the answer is "No" then for everyone's sake we MUST put an end to all of this NOW. It's time that the Congress and the Administration get back to the business of Government, and stop attempting to take more and more power for themselves, all the while enacting laws to change the name of the local post office and ignoring the real needs of the people.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama Fails Finance 101

This week President Obama stated in the news that anyone who believes government subsidized medicine will destroy the medicine insurance industry and not help it is illogical. He stated that his opponents state that the government can't run any business successfully, yet complain that by subsidizing medical insurance the government will be so effective that they will run every other insurance company out of the business - and that just flies in the face of logic.

Well, respectfully Mr. President, there is an idiot here and it isn't those who are telling you to stay out of business.

Let me try and explain it to you.

There are two companies who provide a product. Let us call this product a widget. They are somewhat competative and their products somewhat similar. A consumer (that's me) has the choice regarding which product (if any) to purchase. Now I have three choices.

I can purchase widget "A" from company "X" in which case I exchange some of my hard earned money with the company and I get my widget. The company in turn pays for numerous things which we wont go into here. Suffice to say everyone is happy.

I can purchase widget "B" from company "Y" and, the same outcome occurs but for a different group of people.

I can purchase neither widget "A" or "B". In this case - I have made a choice that a widget isn't really that important to me when weighed against my need for the widget, and the cost of the avialable widgets. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should come in and decrie that I am widgetless.

Here is what has happened. You have indeed decried that not only am I widgetless - but this lack of widgetry in America is tantamount to a crisis on a national scale. You have decided that in order to fix the problem, you will force the price of widgets "A" and "B" down by either subsidizing one, or creating a new government widget "C". What you fail to take into consideration is the true outcome.

The production of widgets "A" and "B" have a fixed cost. Included in that cost is the price of labor, materials, factory buildings, electricity, hardware, taxation, utilities and all manner of things which YOU ALREADY CONTROL.

Now, since you (the Government) are not a business entity (despite all your current efforts) and don't make any products to sell on the market, I must assume that you plan on cutting the consumer price of either widget "A" or widget "B" by the only two means available to you.

1. You may eliminate the government financial burden (taxation) on the production of widgets. Does anyone need a scientific calculator to figure the odds of that happening?
2. You can point a gun at the heads of the tax payer, increase taxes and pay the new "earned" money to the producer of one of the widgets (we will say "A") in order to drive the cost of widget "A" down.

Option 2 works only to a point. You see, you have not really driven down the cost of widget "A", you have only FORCED people to pay for it. Once the price of widget "A" has dropped, you cannot insure that anyone who is actually widgetless for reasons beyond choice - will then actually go out and purchase a widget.

Further, becuase you are "subsidizing" the consumer cost of widget "A" by forcing consumers to pay for widget "A" through your continued and over taxation of the consumer, you have unduly preferenced widget "A" over widget "B". Because the makers of widget "B" are not receiving your "government money" (tax benefits), widget "B" (with their fixed operating costs) cannot compete. The company that makes the "B" widgets now must make a choice. They must either lower the wages of their employees (the only real cost they can control) or they can fire employees in order to drive costs down.

Meanwhile, because you are now effectively paying for widget "A" through tax benefits, eventually you will begin to create new rules and regulations governing the features of widget "A" - which will eventually drive the cost of widget "A" back up through the increased production costs. In an effort to keep the costs down - the company will probably try to cut corners resulting in a much lower quality widget OR will demand more payments from you which results in higher taxes for me.

This of course is a over simplified explanation - but I had to simplify it because apparently you lack the understanding of how a business without the ability to extort money from the American population actually operates.

In either case, you can see that not only have you removed my choice - you have destroyed one company (putting many out of work) and destroyed the product produced by the competition - and you have actually increased my cost (though hidden through taxation).

Who's the real idiot here sir?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Intellect is no respector of age

We have a massive problem in America right now. Our country is full of the mentally bereft. IT isn't the fault of these mental midgets - they just never took an interest in their own education. To make matters worse, neither did society and the result is this unbridled wave of political correctness.

Here is the problem.

Very few among us would argue that a child lacks the mental ability to make sound decisions. This is why children cannot drink, drive, vote, marry, or enter into contracts. They just don't understand what they are doing, and very often their lack of understanding leads to screaming and shouting when they don't get their way. Thus, a family which allows itself to be run by a child lives in no end of terror until the brat gets its way - or goes off to become either a college student, activist, politician or all the above.

This is what society is undergoing now.

There is a major movement afoot to give everyone everything and deny no-one anything. The result is of course a society with no understanding of financial concerns voting into office a president that turns on the financial handout faucet with absolutely no end in sight. Those in receipt of this never ending tide of cash fail to realize that one day very soon the lake of funds they are so very siphon will be quite soon drained.

Another example is the concept that there is a right in America to not be offended. Should you say something that someone disagrees with - they will rail and spew such vulgarities at you that would singe the ears of the most experienced of Sailors.

Take for example the event this year between Carrie Jean Prejean and Pariz Hilton. A perfect example of how the supposed lefties of the country who subscribe to the so-called "big tent" concept which suddenly isn't so big once you have a difference of opinion. No, suddenly we see the left for what it is, a bunch of temper-tantrum throwing children without any respect for opinions what-so-ever which is contrary to their view of the world. Suddenly, anyone outside the tent is a hater described with such vile language that it cannot be repeated here. That is their idea of a big tent.

But the real problem is a lack of any intellect what so ever. A thinking person would ponder the situation and respond - I don't agree and here is why. A thinking person would not have to create lies (I don't have the same rights as you) in order to support their opinion. A thinking person would wonder why is it that gays feel the need to shove their sexuality in your face, while demanding that non-gays keep their sexuality in the closet where it belongs. Think I'm kidding? Try heading into the office and proclaiming your heterosexuality on a regular basis. Don't forget to bestow the benefits of movies, songs, videos, books, actors and concepts which support the heterosexual lifestyle. Then, for good measure, remind everyone that anyone who disagrees with you is a heterophobe, a hater, a Nazi, a parasite on society and that deep down inside they are all heterosexuals just afraid to come out. See how far that gets you.

Do you believe that we have a thinking person in power? Try going to your banker and explaining that, while you are $15,000 in debt on your credit cards, what you need from him is a$1,500,000.00 ($1.5 million) loan so that you can spend your way to financial success. Don't worry giving him a plan - just ask him to trust you. If you want you can loosely describe how you need a new car, a new home, a good health plan, and so do your friends and neighbors. Then, point a gun at his head - essentially that is what the IRS does to you every April.

Yes, the country is full of children and they are running our nation. The next time you are in the shopping mall and see a child laying on the floor screaming while a parent tries desperately to pick up the child and move along - think of our people and who represents whom. I believe you will see in the eyes of that parent a group of citizens horrified at the path we are on, and in the child - those who are leading us down the path to utter destruction.