Friday, April 5, 2013

Which Pill Did You Take?


While this blog speaks specifically to one scene in one movie - the concept is the same throughout entertainment including books, movies, TV shows, songs, plays - whatever.

Nothing is a random act of selection.  Everything in a storyline, even many background items including cars, buildings, people, are all selectively chosen to play a specific part in the story.  Some things an homage, some things are put in by production members for most if not all of their productions.


It is well known that George Lucas, in an homage to his first movie THX-1138, makes reference to THX-1138 in many (if not all) of his movies.  Most people don't catch it.

  • In the 1973 film American Graffiti, the license plate of the yellow hot rod driven by Paul le Mat is "THX 1138"
  • In Star Wars Episode IV, a STormtrooper is referred to by callsign "THX 1138"
  • In Star Wars Episode IV, the cell block from which is is transferring Chewbacca is "1138"
  • The sound certification system, which originated in 1982, is THX although it's specification title is argued to be a reference either to 1973 movie as well as to the systems originator, sound engineer Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment.  But the fact that it spun off from LucasFIlm Ltd, at which Holman worked at the time cannot be a coincidence.
Arnold Swarzenegger in almost every single movie says the line "I'll be back."  In later years variations of it have been used - even to the point of homage and self parody.

Most of the references work into the story line pretty well.  Some of them hit you out of left field.  When you see one of those scenes you are left wondering - What the hell was that stuffed guerilla  doing in that scene from Working Girl when Sigourney Weaver returns from vacation?  Until you understand that SIgourney Weaver's previous film was Gorillas in the Mist - both released in 1988 and so the one was an homage to the other.  Possibly a further reference, but I just don't have time to research it now - I think my point is made.

So how many of you caught that in that famous scene in which Neo is given a choice, his choice consists of two pills - a red pill and a blue pill - the importance of those two pills and their colors?

You see, if you select the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. You take the blue pill, the story ends you wake up n your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  And all Morpheous is offering (with the Red pill) is the truth.

So red, see the truth with all it's difficulties, horrors, and strife.  Blue, blissful ignorance, a fake life of protection and care by "the machine" which gives your life no more regard than a crop of vegetables.  In fact - that is exactly what you are to the machine.  Food.  A source from which it feeds and continues to grow.  It will dispose of you like you dispose of yesterday's half eaten sandwich.

Any color could have been chosen why those two?  Those two colors specifically were selected.  I say - it is because those two colors define very distinct different views of the world within our own nation, two separate nearly completely polar opposite political parties in which:

The Red, Republicans, with a belief system which teaches self reliance and all the hardships that come with it.  But also with those hardships come great rewards, and freedoms.  Where nothing is given to you - everything is earned.  Where your greatest value to others based on your participation, accomplishments, achievements and your struggle for self improvement - which are all seen as benefits to society.  Where although society depends on each of us to do our part - no one lives an entire life by being a slave to the all controlling machine.

The Blue, Democrats, with a belief system of reliance on the government, a system in which you provide nothing to the community as it is all a false scenario.  There is no fault, because you do absolutely nothing.  A society in which the machine is suppose to provide you everything you need to survive, but nothing you need to grow and excel.  A belief system in which all are blind to the reality of what is happening, to the basic realities of life,  and all are blissfully ignorant  of their slavery to the machine which will end their life as soon as their usefulness to the machine, not society, is expended.

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